Regarding to abrasives, you will find here everything you need: sheets, discs, vulcanfiber discs, abrasives belts, cutting and grinding discs, flap discs, wire brushes, abrasives sponges, nonwovens abrasives and many other products. We can help you with atypical dimensions and specific needs. Don´t hesitate to contact us with any wishes.

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Grinding machines


  • abrasive material on cloth, paper, foil in max. wide 1650mm
  • finishing for metals, steel, wood,
  • reg to material and type of products usefull for hand and machine usage
  • final surface finishing


  • abrasive material on cloth, paper, foil
  • finishing for metals, steel, wood,
  • for hand use , upon on customer request
  • final surface finishing


  • abrasive material on cloth, paper, foil with velcro , with sticker
  • finishing for metals, steel, wood,
  • for grinding machine and vibrating machines
  • dimension from diametre 75mm to 500mm , atypical sizes reg to customer demands
  • final surface finishing

Vulcanfiber discs

  • abrasives material on vulcanfiber matt
  • finishing for metals, steel , stainless steel
  • dimension from diametre 115mm to 180mm , very special mini discs 50mm,75mm
  • final surface finishing


  • abrasive material on cloth, paper, foil
  • finishing for metals, steel, wood
  • for grinding belt machines of different producers in max wide 1650mm
  • narrow belts up to a width of 150mm
  • special segment belts for very wide boards

Cutting and grinding discs

  • cutting and grinding of metals, steel, stainless steel and stones,
  • for cutting and grinding machines
  • petrol grinding machine
  • Stacionary grinding machine

Wire brushes

  • hand and machines use
  • use for rust removing , surface treating of metals and steels

Abrasives blocks and matts

  • 2sided matts , 4 sided blocks
  • for hand use
  • for finishing metals, steel and wood

Nonwoven abrasives and polishing discs

  • final treatment
  • final surface finishing
  • for high glossy shinning

Ceramic discs and wheels

  • machines use in vertical and horizontal positions
  • for finishing metals, steel
  • final surface finishing

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