About us

Our company was founded in 1998 and since 1999 it has been named METALBRUS s.r.o. Since the very beginning we have been selling abrasives and abrasives and we have become a strong partner not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia.

Metalbrus is the exclusive abrasive distributor of the German company AWUKO, which is one of the leading manufacturers of abrasives, especially for the woodworking industry, where are popular materials like KP52F and SU42Y for the production of segment belts. Further materials for the leather industry: KP43E and OK96L and KP80E.  

Since of the year 2000, our company has become the general partner for distributing CARBORUNDUM ELECTRITE products (today owned by the Austrian company TYROLIT CEE); In 2012, we acquired exclusive representation for the Czech and Slovak markets from the German company PICARD (Fridrich August Picard GmbH & Co KG) and the Luxembourg company PIWEL.

From 2015, we cooperate with the Korean company DEERFOS, the Polish company GERMA-FLEX, where we have acquired exclusive representation.

From 2016, we have acquired exclusive representation for the Turkish company InterAbrasive.

In 2017, we started working with the Turkish company Marpol, which is focused on the production of abrasive and polishing pastes, which are among the top in the world market.

We further distribute and import the brands of ATLAS, CEDIMA, FLEXOVIT, Gerd Eisenblätter, KOLTEC Technologien GmbH, Kovax, Lissmac, PFERD, RAKSO - OSCAR WEIL GmbH, Starcke and VSM. We also cooperate with leading Czech manufacturers such as Bruleko, Brno továrna plstí, Diamond Contact, Kart, LUKAS CZ, Mirka, Pragochema.

In our wide assortment you will find all cutting and grinding discs, flap discs, shaft mounted wheels, diamond discs, abrasive steel wool, endless glued narrow and wide belts, which we will customize (customize) to suit your needs. Of course there are discs on paper, cloth and foam roles, abrasive sponges and more.

From 2016, we bulit up our own new office building in the industrial zone of our village, where we built new production and storage halls. At present, we have complete equipment for belt converting and other abrasives, so we can process any specific abrasive for our customers.

Did we convince you about Metalbrus? Check out our products and we'll pick you the right ones together.